The inspiring diary of Roku, a beloved dog

Why do I stick to animal health care · · ·

That is because I lost my dog ​​”Roku” who I had been keeping a few years ago. Related pages >>> The current state of Western medicine – people and animals are the same –

This is what my sister wrote.
“Memories with love dogs”
Since my dog ​​lover died June 13, 1999, it will be about 6 years ago.
The encounter was the morning of New Year’s Day, which was silent without cars and crowds.
From nowhere I heard a crying dog barking “Queen, Queen”
Looking for the lord of that voice from the veranda of the house,
I saw a small little puppy moving a little in a little alley.

I rushed out all the way to the outside and hugged as one wrapped puppy wrapped in her jacket
I took him home.
That is the first encounter with Roc.

Hybrid girl.
Soft hair is short and white, there is a light brown pattern like katakana “Yo” on the back,
The large and dark eyes were lovely and adorable, like glasses.
I was born for 1 or 2 weeks … It was such a big size.

I asked for my parents many times but “I am sorry but I can not do it for you”.
So I tried calling each of my friends and I could not find any takeovers …
I went outside as she wrapped her crying child around her body.
I asked one neighborhood houses one by one and decided to walk.

From now on I can not think of myself,
It’s a neighborhood I have never talked to visit another’s house!

At that time I desperately took a walk and forgot about the passing of time.
Walking walking walking · · ·
When I noticed it, the sun was completely dark and the neighborhood became dark, and it had been very far.

However, I can not find any place to keep them.
“What to do … I can not find you home of you, my father will get angry …”
When saying such a thing and removing the inside from the over collar,
A puppy who was making an eagle is staring at me like a bad man.
Tears overflowed from my eyes.

There was no choice but to take home as it is.
I came home and told my father while throbbing.
“I could not find anywhere”
In the words my father reluctantly answered.
“Ok, I looked for it until such a time that I could not help it,” he said.

From that moment the puppy became a member of my family.
I called it Rok in the New Year ‘s Showa era.
Sitting from the discipline of the toilet, hands, otaku, reply, mothers who are professionals who raised children variously teach,
Roku learned everything properly.
It gradually became altitude,
When answering “two replies”, I reply twice “One, One”
When saying “Small reply”, I got a small reply with a hoarse voice that would not be voice.
In addition to dog food, rice also boiled cabbage shreds and a small amount of ground beef.
Looking in the refrigerator
“I do not have any vegetables of Rocchan” “There was no meat of Roku”
I saw the mother’s appearance going shopping only for that purpose,
No matter how high vegetable time I bought it for Roku ‘s rice.

We eat two meals in the morning and evening cleanly from the outside of the vessel all the time,
When it became empty, I wrapped the instrument with my nose at my nose with a towel underlaying “Togetishashita”.
My father took a bath once a week. I enter together when I enter.
“Roku chan!”
Take the word to the bathroom with that word
I went to pick him up saying “I’m Roku.

It became an adult dog (medium dog) from the time of a small puppy,
My father took a bath all night long before that sad farewell.

It is now bathing three grandchildren in the same way.
A walk in the morning was my turn.
Roku does not think he is a dog, no matter how barked it shows no interest to other dogs,
I am going to run a fixed course.
At that time, I was a high school student and belonging to the basketball club,
The walk with the rope pulling a hand with a rope was a pretty hard thing.

One morning, the collar went off during the walk, and I lost sight of the appearance of Roku.
I could not find it even if I looked for a name while calling it …
When I went home while half watching me, Roku was back and I ate breakfast.
It was a feeling “It was done!” On this.
I knew my house properly.
Also, I took a walk on a rainy day very much.

Why do you think that?
It is because I do not want my feet to become dirty.
I hung a rope on the entrance door chain and kept it in between the boards,
I always wiped my legs and body clean when I got out of a walk.
“Previous Anoyo, behind Anyo”
When I say a voice, I will raise my legs in order and wipe them.
I never entered the house until I finished wiping.

With that kind of condition, I love beautiful · · ·
I dislike walking on wet roads, places which are muddy, and walking with a pool of water.
There are countless memories in the walk with Roku,
There are things I can not forget even now.

One morning when you are jogging in a quiet residential area, which is the usual course,
I could see that a big dog ran aiming at me from a long time ago.
As I looked closer, it came close and I made a fuss.

A huge husky dog ​​comes in close proximity as “Woo”.
“Rock is dangerous!”
There is no figure of a person in the quiet residential area of ​​early morning to seek help.
I trembled and picked up Roku frankly. In the case of
Then the Husky dog ​​came to me.

When you stand up, its size is about the same as my height of 170 cm,
My heart suffered from terror.
It seems he was a boy in estrus period, sharp nails are my legs and torso,
I grasped firmly with two legs enough to dig deep into my arms,
It started to move and it became immovable.

Roku solved my arms, descended down, and they faced the beasts many times larger than myself!
He barked and fought bravely over me.
An old man popped out from a house next to such a riot,
It restrained the Husky dog ​​and put us in the house.
I waited for the figure to disappear and went home on a large scale.
Tears did not stop as I got home when I got home, and blood was flowing from around the body.
Lok licked my face and wiped away my tears.
“It’s alright now!” As if to say so and comfort …
Thank you Roku who fought bravely for me and protected it!

There have been various changes in our family during the 15 years since Roku came to our house.
Retirement of my father, retirement of my brother, my living alone · · ·
Whatever happens, at any time, Rok has healed, consoled and encouraged everyone’s heart.
I read and understand not only words but also my feelings.

Sometimes I went to my brother’s bitches all night.
My father after retirement was two people and two persons taking a walk to a long distance became a daily routine.
Kinutakoen and Shinkaji Temple, along the river of Nogawa, where spectacular cherry blossoms are spectacular …
I went for 2 hours to go, 2 hours to return, 4 to 5 hours to and from the destination.
“Roku is doing your father’s health care!”
He always said so.

That kind of thing is going to the hospital with an ear disease.
If I think about it, I think that my physical strength has gone down by this.
At that time one ear swollen, water accumulated and it hurt,
Tilted his head to the side that seemed to be unlikely and steadily bursted his head.
Will it be healed if the collected water is removed with a syringe?

I was supposed to be hospitalized because I had to undergo surgery when I got to the hospital.
The first hospital, and the first time hospitalized, it was probably anxious!
For us it is also my first time to have a living.
In the meantime I was sorry and I was sorry.

I had surgery successfully, but the ears on one side have changed completely from my former one.
The large pinned ears drooped down and the size was also reduced by the amount cut by surgery.
“Whatever the ear, Roku is Roku, if life is alright anyway!”
We rejoiced from the discharge of Roku from the bottom of my heart, pouring unchanging love.
But one side of the ears did not stand like the original one.

Age became 13 years old, is not energetic compared to before, appetite has fallen as well.
Is it a sequela of surgery?
Is it age-old?
Several Odeki of the same size as the tits were made in the stomach, and after a while it was suppurated and pus emerged.
If it is possible to purge, pus emerging … I will not get better unless I decided to take him to the hospital.

The cause was with breast cancer.
It seems that there are many in females who have never had a baby.
I was also hospitalized for surgery.
Now I am hospitalized for a long time, unlike last time.
Moreover, a painful day continued with worry so much that I could not express it in terms of cancer.
I got informed of the completion of surgery from the hospital and ran to my hospital with my mother.
Roku was perfect for dripping an arm,
When I felt our signs I slowly wiggled Shippo and tried to stand up and stood up.

I did not collect.
I ran to climbing and crying.
A few days later, I got permission to walk a bit if I could walk.
One step, two steps, frustrating, worrying,
Although I walked a few meters before the hospital, I walked while drowning out the drip.
Turning back and going back to the hospital, I dislike, I turn my feet in the direction of my house, I will walk on with a weak force.
“I want to take home as it is!”
My heart ached in returning to the hospital.
Go visit us everyday and meet up, just take a walk a little …
Finally we came home to have the day of discharge waited soon.
However, since then it’s fine as before
I could not see the locomotive which I walked happily with raising the shoppo.
The speed of walking fell sharply, the shopping remains dripping down …

And at last it ended that day.
I left my parents house and lived alone.
“It may be a couple of days …”
One night I got in touch from my mother and rushed to my parents house on the first train the next morning.
Lok was lying on a cushion.

“Oh good, I got it in time!”
Sitting in, sticking a face to Roku ‘s body,
“Rook-chan, do your best!
There is no reaction.
Eyes will not open either.

It seems that it was only a few hours ago.
I was 15 years old.

I can not accept that fact in myself,
I embraced the body of warm Roku with full strength and screamed crazy like crazy.
My mother who had been nursing without sleeping for the last few days swollen her eyes and talked about her last appearance.
Roku gave a head while lying down, after felling his father three times with Kokukokokun, he seems to have quietly taken his breath.

Fighting the last force and saying “Thank you Dad!”
Roku is sleeping at an animal cemetery in Shikedoji.
And my father still walks for an hour and a half every morning and I go to see him.
In my parents house, I present flowers next to the photo and rice for the freshly cooked rice.

Thank you for your time, irreplaceable.
Thank you very much for 15 years.

It is six years ago that I left this world,
I can not stop tears that are still overflowing while spelling this sentence.