Mitral valve insufficiency in a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This disease is common in small dogs.
Mitral valve insufficiency.
This is a question as to why Pinfenon is effective in treating it.
●Message of October 24, 2007
(Title) Mitral valve insufficiency in a Cavalier
A recent examination found our dog to have an irregular pulse. There is a possibility that he/she may be suffering from mitral valve insufficiency, which is found in many Cavaliers, so he/she is scheduled for a detailed examination in November. Until then, I am giving him/her Pinfenon in the hopes of being able to do something for him/her.
Your site says that we can expect Pinfenon to work for mitral valve insufficiency.
Mitral valve insufficiency means that a valve in the heart no longer closes the way it should and blood flows in the wrong direction.
I think that explains the disease, but even if taking Pinfenon cleans the dog’s blood, is it going to have a good effect on that important valve?
Perhaps what I am asking is, what is the reasoning behind the statement that it is effective for mitral valve insufficiency?
I apologize for asking such an impolite question in my ignorance, when perhaps if I had known more, I would not need to ask.
Still, it suddenly began to bother me, so would you please explain?
●● Answer
I have read your message.
This is the reasoning behind the effectiveness of Pinfenon for mitral valve insufficiency.
Pinfenon can regulate the immune system.
It is known to activate macrophages on the immune system level (which ingest bad cells) so that they can get rid of the bad cholesterol inside blood vessels (medical term: atheroma).
In so doing, it improves the flow of blood and helps with heart disease.
Just as you say, mitral valve insufficiency is a disease that can occur when the heart valve is not working right.
Then the ability of the heart atrophies and an abnormal protein (medical term: troponin) occurs.
We are in the process of trying to prove medically that Pinfenon is effective, not as a drug, but as a supplement, in suppressing troponin.
The above 2 kinds of effects work to produce favorable conditions for the fight against heart disease.
I hope this explanation will make sense to you.