Papillon – Freed from fatigue brought on by mitral valve insufficiency

Here is some happy news from a cutePapillon.
●June 4 (Sunday)
Dear Scarecrow Medical Division:
Six-year-old female Papillon with mitral valve insufficiency
It’s been a month since the Pinfenon arrived on May 4.
My dog did not originally have any symptoms, so I can’t say what changes there have been in her heart disease symptoms, but there has been one clear change.
She used to be sleepy every morning and her gums were whitish, but
these days her gums are a healthy pink. And though she still sleeps late in the morning, she seems less lethargic than before.
I think this is probably thanks to Pinfenon.
Pretty soon we will have used up a whole bottle, so I ordered three more the other day.
She will be having her regular medical examination in October, and I am planning to keep giving Pinfenon to her until then.
Anyway, I wanted to let you know what results we have had after the first month of her taking it.
Please continue to give me your support.
Tokyo, Rieko ○○