Professor at Dokkyo Medical College/ also amazed!

Former Professor Matsuzaki of Dokkyo Medical College was also amazed at the effect Pinfenon had on his dog and has written us.
Here is a report on his dog’s condition last year. (a return to life after his troubles)           
● And here is the recent message of May 18.
To Mr. Hiroshi Okawa:
Thank you for sending me the Pinfenon catalog and complementary ticket the other day.
You are holding a very interesting exhibition, but unfortunately I am unable to take the time to attend it.
I had expected to have more free time after retiring, but work and various chores are keeping me busy.
I am amazed at the power of Pinfenon.
Our dog is still well.
I have realized that health foods work even better for animals than they do for humans.
My dog is old, so when we go for a walk, he proceeds very slowly, but he still has quite an appetite.
Best wishes for the success of your work.
Shigeru Matsuzaki


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