Twenty-year-old cat is taking it, too!

This is a question from the owner of a twenty-year-old cat.
She/He has had a tremendously long life, hasn’t she/he?
We wish her/him many more years!
● Message of May 18
I have been giving Pinfenon to my twenty-year-old cat for two months.
She/He weighs 4 kg, and I am giving her/him 1 pill a day.
(She/He doesn’t really like it, and there are some days when he/she refuses to take
Yesterday she/he had a nosebleed for the first time, and it wouldn’t stop, so I took her/him to the hospital.
The vet said he couldn’t be sure what caused it, that the cat might have hit her/his nose on something or that possibly she/he had a tumor in her/his nose.
The vet gave her/him an anticoagulant that stopped the bleeding, but I understand that Pinfenon improves the flow of blood, so I am wondering if it’s all right to keep giving it to her/him.
Isn’t it possible that nosebleeds could be brought on by the improvement in blood flow?
I’ll be waiting for your answer.
~From us~
Thank you very much for always supporting Pinfenon.
We are so pleased that Pinfenon has been helping a twenty-year-old cat to become healthy.
Well, as to the relationship between Pinfenon and the nosebleed that has caused trouble,
we think that it would be best for you not to give your cat the supplement while she/he is on an anticoagulant.
Strictly speaking, there isn’t any connection between improving the blood flow and having a nosebleed, but the anticoagulant and Pinfenon could conflict with each other.
Please stop the Pinfenon for now and continue with it later.
Best wishes for your cat’s health.


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