Pembroke Welsh Corgi with epilepsy - French maritime pine polyphenol works!

The Chinese character for this word is a hard one, isn't it?

Epilepsy in humans is found most often in children.
They fall down and froth at the mouth.

The emergency treatment when this happens is to put a wooden chopstick in the child's mouth, crosswise, so that the child won't bite his or her tongue.

I remember that in my elementary school days there was some sort of disturbance like that, involving one of my friends.

However, we can't put chopsticks in a dog's mouth.

A message from a Corgi


● Message of November 10, 2007
(Breed of dog / pet's age / gender / weight
Welsh Corgi 5 years old / female / 11 kg
(The problem) Epilepsy
She has around 10 seizures per day.
I am giving her Pinfenon in hopes of somehow easing her symptoms.
I will contact you again.

●Message of December 11, 2007
I'm sorry for contacting you so late at night.
It has been a month since I bought French maritime pine polyphenol.

On the 5th day after she started taking it, I was surprised because she had 3 seizures that day, and she had never had so many seizures in succession before.
If the same thing happened the next day, I was planning to take her to the vet, but on the next day she didn't have any seizures.

After that, she went quite a long time without any seizures. I was feeling a bit relieved but was still apprehensive all the time about when they might return, and on the 21st day, she had a seizure.

Still, up until now, she usually had a seizure every 10 days or so, and I am pleased that there is a longer interval between seizures.

I feel uneasy not knowing when she might have a seizure, but plan to keep giving her Pinfenon.
I hope to lengthen the time between seizures, even if only by a small amount.
I will email you again.