Maltese's experience - a year later! (heart disease)

Heart disease in a Maltese - better after a year of taking Pinfenon
Beginning with the sending of informational material....  
Pinfenon is always fighting to support pets who are suffering from disease.

Above all, this is thanks to the hard work of the pet owners!

●Message of October 12, 2006
Title of the inquiry = a request for informational material

Contents of the inquiry:
Maltese, 9 years old, male, 2.6 kg, with heart disease
I am doing my best every day to keep him alive for even just one more day.
At present I am giving him a diuretic and heart medicine and something to stop the infection in his gums.

●Message of January 21, 2007
I bought some Pinfenon the other day.
On that occasion, Mr. Okawa was very kind and phoned me. I appreciated that.  

My Maltese (male, 9 years old) is now suffering from mitral valve insufficiency.
Around 7 months after I got him from the breeder, he began to have trouble walking.
The vet's opinion was that his difficulty walking and his teething problems were due to his having had a high fever shortly after birth and being neglected by the breeder, which led to brain damage.

From the time of that examination up until this day, he has been unable to eat or drink, or to urinate or evacuate his bowels without my help.

The disease I mentioned at the beginning was discovered last year (July 21, 2007).
I took my dog to the vet because he had become listless and was told that he had pulmonary edema and might die that very day.

He has somehow kept hanging on since that day and is still living.
He has been taking Pinfenon for about 10 days.
His coughing has been slow to respond, but his breathing seems a bit more comfortable.

However, the rhythm/timing of his breathing is disrupted by the coughing, and that problem is becoming worse and worse.
The dosage you recommended in the beginning was 2 pills morning and night, but yesterday I began giving him one more pill at noon.

He weighs 2.8 kg, so that seems like a large amount of Pinfenon, but do you think what I am doing is all right?
I apologize for writing at such great length, but would you please continue to support me?

● Message of March 17, 2007
I have been giving my dog Pinfenon since around the middle of January.
Recently, I have been giving him 6 pills a day.

Since around a week ago, his abdomen became distended, I took him to be examined by the vet and was told that fluid was accumulating there.
He has started to take 2 kinds of diuretics.

Will Pinfenon help the medicines to work better?

I have been giving him 2 Eferin pills a day as well, for about the past two weeks.
Will that have any effect on his ascites?

Another thing I want to report is that his coughing due to heart disease has greatly lessened!
I am so delighted and glad that I found Pinfenon.
Thank you.

● May 23, 2007
You were so kind as to phone me the other day, and besides politely answering my questions, you sent the Pinfenon so promptly; I really appreciate your kindness.

Right away, I started giving him 4 pills at a time.
Thanks to you, he didn't cough last night and appears to have slept well till morning.

I intend to keep giving Pinfenon to my dog for the rest of his life.

● December 14, 2007
The Pinfenon arrived yesterday.
Thank you for going to the trouble of sending it so promptly.

It would not be too much to say that it is thanks to Pinfenon that our Maltese has been able to live this long.

If I actually cut down on the amount of Pinfenon, the terrible coughing associated with mitral valve insufficiency begins and you can see how fast fluid is accumulating in his abdomen.

It is awful and terribly painful to watch your dear dog tumble about, suffering from coughing all night long.

So I can't do without Pinfenon.

Pinfenon is vitally important for our dog, as the vet has given up on him and is reluctant to examine him very often.

Thank you for again immediately responding so pleasantly and politely by phone.

I appreciate your prompt response.

Thank you.