No. 3 - Yorkie Yui's joy

This is from Yui (actually, Yui;s owner), whom you are always helping.

Thank you so much for publishing Yui's experiences from time to time.

I am so embarrassed that when I faxed you my most recent order for Pinfenon, I indicated that Yui was a male.

I feel as if she were going to scold me, saying, "I am a girl"!
Lately, as is to be expected at her age, she has become an old lady and I think her hearing isn't what it used to be.

It is her heart disease that concerns me; but though she sees the vet and has been diagnosed as in stage 3 of the disease, thanks to Pinfenon, she does not have any severe ill effects from it.

She runs around inside the house and runs up the stairs.
The aging process is the same for us humans, too.

My only thought is to get through each day peacefully, tranquilly.

I am always aware, in these days of advancements in veterinary medicine, that we should avoid
excessive treatment.
Only, Yui, who is twelve years old, has a lump in her breast because her mammary gland could not be completely removed.

That is hard on Yui, for whom an operation would be risky.
I pray that somehow the lump will not cause trouble.
I am going to keep using Pinfenon and request your continued support. 

P.S. I'd love it if you would have a bonus sale in December...